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Don’t think the Jack White beating some guy up thing is true.

Unless people JUST found out about Jason Stollsteimer (it happened in 2003, TEN years ago) he has a big enough profile for this story to have made it outside of tumblr if it was true. I guess we will see.

As for people sending lickanicecreamcone abuse anonymously because she questioned it, omg Jack tag people still haven’t grown up have they?

If he did get into a fight (these things happen in real life you know) it’s his business really. People are interested because they like (or perhaps dislike him), it’s only natural, but I’m pretty sure questioning the validity of this so-called ‘story’ doesn’t make people naive, it makes them reasonable.

Didn’t really think this was worth a text post but we all know what happens when rumours with no proof get out of hand (lets not forget soylatte shall we?)

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